Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

About Portal Home Page

The Portal Settings section allows the administrator to configure a custom portal by providing the portal name, portal site title, portal banner title, login message, virtual host/domain name and portal URL. This section also allows the administrator to configure custom login options for control over what is displayed/loaded on login and logout, HTTP meta tags for cache control, ActiveX Web cache cleaner, login uniqueness, and client source uniqueness.

For most Secure Mobile Access administrators, a plain text home page message and a list of links to network resources is sufficient. For administrators who want to display additional content on the user portal, review the following information:

  • With the Tips/Help sidebar enabled, the width of the workspace is 561 pixels.
  • With the Tips/Help sidebar disabled, the width of the workspace is 712 pixels.
  • No IFRAME is used.
  • You can upload a custom HTML file which is displayed following all other content on the home page. You can also add HTML tags and JavaScript to the Home Page Message field.
  • Because the uploaded HTML file is displayed after other content, do not include <head> or <body> tags in the file.

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