Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Configuring with the Offloading Portal Wizard

To configure a portal with Offloading Portal Wizard

  1. Navigate to Portals > Portals and click Offload Web Application. The Offloading Portal Wizard opens.

  2. Begin by selecting the Application Offloading Portal type.

    The options include:

    • General portal – Can be selected for most scenarios.
    • Load Balancing portal – This type of portal is used to setup a Load Balancing Offloading portal.
    • URL-based Aliasing portal – Use to setup a URL-based Aliasing Offloading portal. Select URL Based Aliasing if you want the ability to access several Web sites using one portal and domain name. If this option is enabled, the screen options change.
    • Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access) – The Remote Desktop (RD) Web Access page uses the SMA Agent to proxy the RDP connection to the private network to make the resource list on the RD Web site function more efficiently. Another advantage in using the RD Web Access option is that the it works for all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer).
  3. Click This is an Exchange Portal which will be accessed by OWA, ActiveSync or Outlook Anywhere if using an Exchange portal.
  4. Click Next.

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