Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Configuring Static Routes for the Appliance

Based on your network’s topology, you might find it necessary or preferable to configure static routes to certain subnets rather than attempting to reach them through the default gateway. While the default route is the default gateway for the device, static routes can be added as needed to make other networks reachable for the SMA appliance. For more details on routing or static routes, refer to a standard Linux reference guide.

To configure a static route to an explicit destination for the appliance

  1. Navigate to the Network > Routes page and click Add Static Route...
  2. In the Add Static Route dialog box, type the subnet or host to which the static route is directed into the Destination Network field (for example, provides a route to the 192.168.220.X/24 subnet). You can enter an IPv6 subnet (for example, 2017:1:2::).

  3. In the Subnet Mask/Prefix field, enter the number of bits used for the prefix.
  4. In the Default Gateway field, type the IP address of the gateway device that connects the appliance to the network. You can enter an IPv6 address.
  5. In the Interface drop-down menu, select the interface that connects the appliance to the desired destination network.
  6. Click Submit.

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