Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Enabling One-Time Password

Now that you successfully have setup your method(s) for receiving your second factor, you can now enable this feature in your users’ accounts. This setup must be done per user and is unavailable in the group setting.

  1. Navigate to User and then choose Local users.
  2. Choose the user that you wish to enable OTP.
  3. Next to that user, click Edit. (pencil icon)

  4. Click the tab labeled Login Policies.
  5. Choose how to deliver the token:
    1. Users discretion: This displays all three methods as options. You can choose which ones you wish to display for the user by ensuring a check mark is next to each one.
    2. Use Email: This enables the token to be sent by email. The users email address needs to be entered into their user information under the General tab.
    3. Use App: This allows you to use Google or Microsoft Authenticator, Duo, or any RADIUS BASED 2FA product that you have setup following the directions in the KB referenced above for 2FA.
    4. Use Short Message: This will enable the SMS text message option.

      You will need to enable this first in order to select the SMS template and enter the users phone number (Mobile device capable of receiving a text message) then you may choose user discretion as noted above.

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