Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

WatchGuard Firebox X Edge

This guide assumes that your WatchGuard Firebox X Gateway is configured with an IP of and your SMA appliance is configured with an IP of

The steps that follow are similar for WatchGuard SOHO6 series firewall.

Before you get started, take note of which port the WatchGuard is using for management. If the WatchGuard is not being managed on HTTPS (443), perform the following steps. If the WatchGuard is being managed on HTTPS

(443) you should first review the notes within this guide.

  1. Open browser and enter the IP address of the WatchGuard Firebox X Edge appliance (such as When successful, you are brought to the “System Status” page (See the following).

  2. If the WatchGuard’s management interface is already configured to accept HTTPS on port 443 you need to change the port to be able to manage both the SMA and WatchGuard appliances.
  3. Navigate to Administration > System Security.

    WatchGuard Administration > System Security Dialog Box

  4. Clear Use non-secure HTTP instead of secure HTTPS for administrative Web site.
  5. Change the HTTP Server Port to 444 and click Submit.

    The WatchGuard is now managed from the WAN on port 444. It should be accessed as follows: https://<watchguard wan ip>:444

  6. In the left navigation menu, navigate to Firewall > Incoming.

  7. For the HTTPS Service, set Filter to Allow and enter the WAN IP of the SMA appliance ( in the Service Host field.
  8. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

    Your Watchguard Firebox X Edge is now ready for operations with the SMA appliance.

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