Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Using iPerf Performance Diagnostics for NetExtender

iPerf can be integrated into SMA and used to measure and tune network performance. It can produce standardized performance measurements on any network and can function as both client and server. It can also create data streams that measure the throughput between the end client machine and the SMA appliance in one or both directions as a backend resource host. iPerf output includes time-stamped reports of the amount of data transferred and the throughput measured.

The iPerf port MUST be opened on the firewall.

Start the iPerf3 server on your SonicWall appliance and use a generic iPerf3 client to connect and test the throughput between the end client machine and the SMA appliance.

Set the iPerf3 server port between 1205 and 65535.

Start the iPerf3 server by clicking Start.

You can stop the iPerf3 server on the appliance, then the throughput data appears under the setting elements.

You can also start the iPerf3 connection to a remote iPerf3 server, and check the throughput between the SMA appliance and the remote server.

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