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About Reporting and Analytics

SonicWall Analytics can be used in conjunction with NSM. This allows users to manage firewalls from NSM and also view reporting and analytics data in NSM from On-Premises Analytics while storing data locally. When you click on the firewall whose data is stored in Analytics, NSM fetches the data from the On-Premises Analytics and shows it in NSM. Data is encrypted and compressed so that no data integrity issues are experienced.

Analytics includes a broad range of predefined reports, as well as the flexibility to create custom reports using any combination of auditable data for thorough risk analysis. These reports combined give detailed insights of network events, user activities, threats, operational and performance issues, security efficacy, risks and security gaps, compliance readiness, and auditing.

NSM Essential and Advanced Licenses

This document covers NSM Essential and Advanced licenses. NSM Essential license comes with Management and 7-day Reporting. NSM Advanced comes with Management, Analytics with 365-day Reporting. Analytics and some Reporting features discussed in this document will not be available in NSM Essential licenses.

Understanding Analytics

Analytics is designed to evaluate data collected by the firewall ecosystem, make policy decisions and take defensive actions using application- and user-based analytics.

SonicWall Analytics extends security event analysis and reporting by providing real-time visualization, monitoring and alerts based on the correlated security data. You can perform flexible drill-down and gain insight into your network, user access, connectivity, application use, threat profiles and other firewall-related data.

Analytics provides the following key features:

  • Data collection that includes normalizing, correlating, and contextualizing the data to the environment
  • Streaming analytics in real time
  • Analytics including activity trends and connections across the entire network
  • Real-time, dynamic visualization of the security data from a single point
  • Real-time detection and remediation

SonicWall Analytics is flexible and designed to integrate into other SonicWall solutions:

  • On-Premises Analytics is designed for customers requiring long term storage of firewall logs and supports
  • designated SonicWall firewalls.
  • Analytics can also be integrated with NSM.

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