NSM Administration Guide

Management Status

NSM manages a firewall, when: firewall acquisition is successful, firewall configuration is synchronized with NSM, and NSM can reach the firewall. For information on performing firewall acquisition, see NSM Getting Started Guide available at https://www.sonicwall.com/support/technical-documentation/.

MANAGEMENT STATUS gives information of the status of the device and device-management through NSM.

Management Status
ConnectivityStatus of connectivity between NSM and firewall.
  • Up(green icon)— NSM can reach firewall.
  • Down(red icon)— NSM cannot reach firewall.

Status of synchronization of firewall configuration with NSM.

  • Green icon—Synchronization successful
  • Red icon—Synchronization failed

Status of firewall acquisition by NSM.

  • Green icon—Acquisition successful
  • Red icon—Acquisition failed
  • Yellow icon—Acquisition is in progress
Zero Touch

Activation status of the zero-touch feature or status of zero-touch connection between firewall and NSM for zero-touch enabled device.

  • A gray icon indicates Zero Touch feature was disabled.

  • A red icon indicates that the Zero Touch connection failed.

  • A yellow icon indicates that the system is waiting for a Zero Touch connection from the firewall.

  • A green icon indicates that the firewall is connected successfully to NSM using zero-touch.

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