NSM Administration Guide

License Details

The LICENSE DETAILS section shows the activation status of all the licenses associated with your device and also notifies if the licenses are nearing expiration.

The list of licenses is given here:

  • Nodes/Users
  • Global VPN Client
  • VPN SA
  • WAN Acceleration Client
  • Botnet Filter
  • App Visualization
  • App Control
  • Gateway AV/Anti-Spyware/Intrusion Prevention/App Control/App Visualization
  • Content Filtering Client
  • Capture Client (Advanced)
  • Deep Packet Inspection for SSL (DPI-SSL)
  • Premium Content Filter
  • SonicOS Expanded
  • DPI-SSL Enforcement
  • Virtual Assist
  • E-Mail Filtering Service
  • WAN Acceleration Software
  • Comprehensive/Advanced Gateway Security Suite
  • Deep Packet Inspection for SSH (DPI-SSH)
  • Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service
  • SYSLOG Analytics
  • Capture Advanced Threat Protection
  • Capture Client McAfee Malware Engine
  • Global VPN Client Enterprise
  • External IDS Support
  • Analyzer
  • Stateful High Availability

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