Network Security Manager On-Premises System Administration Guide

Closed Network

Closed Network support feature helps you to run one or more private networks that are completely shut-off from the outside environment. You can license the NSM managed firewall without contacting License Manager (LM) or (MSW), when onboarding and patching SonicWall firewall to preserve the privacy and security of the closed networks.

Navigate to System | Settings > Closed Network.

To import Network Files

  1. Click Import.
  2. Click Browse and select the license file you need to import from your computer.
  3. Click Upload.

You can import only a ZIP file with .LIC extension.

The imported network is listed with the details including Serial Number, Friendly Name, Status, and Keyset data.

An imported closed network file contains the NSM License along with the firewall license and signature files. After the Closed network file is imported in NSM, you can add the devices as usual in the Firewalls > Inventory page. After adding or acquiring the device successfully, the device gets registered automatically. The device license will be updated in the Device > Licenses page and the NSM Firewalls > Inventory page.

You can also update a firewall from the Closed Network page.

To Update a Firewall

  1. Select the firewall from the list.
  2. Click Update Firewall.

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