Network Security Manager On-Premises System Administration Guide

NSM Management Console

This chapter describes how to use the NSM Management Console to upgrade your NSM from 2.1.1 to 2.2.

Upgrade Instructions

When upgrading from NSM 2.1.1 to NSM 2.2, the Firmware Settings page provides you a tool tip that directs you to upgrade using the NSM Management Console. The settings and configuration data is preserved across upgrades.

The concepts and processes to upgrade NSM 2.1.1 for ESXi, KVM, and Hyper-V to NSM 2.2 are almost similar.

The directions are listed below:

  1. Open the NSM Management Console in a 2.1.1 NSM On-Premises Virtual Machine.

    For VMWare ESXi, right click on the VM and click Open Console.

  2. Ensure that NSM on-premises virtual machine has access to internet.

  3. Open Network Interfaces menu and make any changes to network configuration, if required.
  4. Navigate to System Update.

  5. Click Start Update and then click Yes to check for new available updates.

  6. Press Ctrl+P to view or edit the update channel.

    Updates are provided over update channels. The default channel is Stable.

  7. When the upgrade version is displayed, click Enter to begin the update.

    This downloads and installs the update. During this process, you can close the downloading window by clicking Esc.

    The NSM On-Premises VM is operational during update process.

  8. Restart your system when the update is complete. Rebooting your system re-initializes the NSM On-Premises services.

  9. Log in and navigate to SYSTEM > Settings > Firmware and Settings to confirm that the firmware is updated.

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