Network Security Manager SaaS Getting Started Guide


The Dashboard provides a visual status of the security infrastructure. The Dashboard is separated into Devices, Summary, Network and Threat tabs.

The Devices Dashboard shows a summary of the devices in your infrastructure.

At the top of the dashboard, you see a summary of your devices, followed by the Firewall Overview. The overview shows how many devices are Online & Managed, Offline, Online & Unmanaged, Unassigned, and Expired Licenses. The Alert Center is shown at the bottom of the dashboard. An alert summary is provided and you can click on Show All Alerts ... to open the Notification Center and see all the alerts. The alerts are shown in table form below the summary.

The Summary Dashboard shows more detail. The Summary view shows Traffic Distribution, Top Users and Observed Threats. The other two tabs allow you to drill down on Network and Threat information.

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