Network Security Manager SaaS Getting Started Guide

Supported Firewalls

The following firewalls and the associated firmware can be managed by Network Security Manager.

Firewall ModelSonicOS Version
SOHO W6.5.4
TZ Series: TZ300, TZ300W, TZ300P, TZ350, TZ350W, TZ400, TZ400W, TZ500, TZ500W, TZ600, TZ600P6.5.4
TZ Series: TZ270, TZ270W, TZ370, TZ370W, TZ470, TZ470W, TZ570, TZ570W, TZ570P, TZ6707
NSv Series: NSv 10, NSv 25, NSv 50, NSv 100, NSv 200, NSv 300, NSv 400, NSv 800, NSv 16006.5.4
NSv Series: NSv 270, NSv 470, NSv 8707
NSA Series: NSA 2600, NSA 3600, NSA 4600, NSA 5600, NSA 66006.5
NSa Series: NSa 2650, NSa 3650, NSa 4650, NSa 5650, NSa 6650, NSa 9250, NSa 9450, NSa 96506.5
NSa Series: NSa 2700, NSa 37007

NSsp Series: NSsp 12400, NSsp 12800


NSsp Series: NSsp 15700


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