Network Security Management Reports and Analytics

Navigating Reports

When you first log into an NSM instance, you are taken to the main Dashboard screen. The Dashboard might also be the first place you see an indicator of an issue. A few key things to remember about the Dashboard and navigation in general.

  • When you first log in, the tenant is the Global Default Tenant.
  • The default view is the Manager View.
  • The default option at the top is the Home option.
  • The default command option is Dashboard > System, showing the Devices tab.

You can think of this as your starting place. Changing any one of these selections offers access to different data. Become familiar with the layout of these options so you can easily change them when navigating issues.

The next most important option is the Monitor option (next to Home or on a list that drops down after clicking on Home). You can select Monitor to see reporting based on a selected tenant or a group.

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