Network Security Manager 2.3 Release Notes

Version 2.3

June 2021

Compatibility and Installation Notes

What's New

  • Template Variables: Allows administrators to create variable objects during template configuration and assign device specific value during template application.

  • VPN Topology & Monitoring: Centralizes and simplifies the configuration of VPN settings and policies through an easy wizard-based step-by-step set-up process. It also monitors the traffic going through VPN tunnels.

  • SD-WAN Design Studio: Deploy and monitor an enterprise-wide SD-WAN network by using an intuitive self-guided workflow. Centrally establish and enforce application-based traffic and other traffic steering configurations across and between thousands of sites.
  • NSM Wizards : Configure NSM quickly through wizards - Setup Guide, VPN guide to create site-to-site VPN policies, SD-WAN guide to create SD-WAN rules, Wireless Setup for WLAN configurations.

Resolved Issues - NSM

Issue IDDescription
NSM-4337SWS Portshield shows Unassigned even after selecting ANY.
NSM-4355Monitor screen is missing in the list in CSC Users > Roles and Permissions screen.
NSM-4750When home tab is disabled, Home > Summary group is still accessible for the user.
NSM-4766Edit option for admin user with Super Admin role to be made available.
NSM-5034Normal reload does not use cookies/cache.
NSM-5165Few fields in Gateway AV Config View, 'Configure' dialog are not updated.
NSM-5889Interfaces & HA - Virtual IP screens doesnot display ens192 interface details.
NSM-6032Exporting 'Country Objects' data to a .CSV file does not work and the file doesn’t download.
NSM-6325Roles > System - High Availability screens are not added to Roles&Permissions list.
NSM-6506While committing SSL VPN, gives an error as Exit Status 1.
NSM-6616After acquisition of ZT device, it gives an "Acquisition Failed, context deadline exceeded" for GEN7 device.
NSM-6838Schedule report sends multiple daily report in a day with previous month's data instead of previous day.
NSM-6928The network - Interface page is giving error "cannot read property "map" of undefined".
NSM-7208NSM unit acquisition failure code 1 "failed to sync config with device".
NSM-7226Unable to see Pending Commits while logged as multi -admin user.
NSM-7227Difference in notification center and Viewing Template Status.
NSM-7282Unable to use Special character for shared_secret for VPN.
NSM-7345Unable to modify WAN to WAN rule from NSM cloud.
NSM-7390LDAP Auth does not work when used with "Allow Only AD Group Members" Option
NSM-7505In CSC Users screen, Edit and Delete is grayed out for the default roles.
NSM-7577Unable to change DNS from NSM.
NSM-7714UI is displaying Standby node as ACTIVE after upgrade to 2.2.1 in HA screen.
NSM-7762While performing Multi Upgrade on ZT unit throws error as "Response file null is not available."
NSM-7799Unable to restrict guest Users from editing Firewall > Backup as there is no option to restrict.
NSM-7860Exporting Logs results in the error "e is undefined".
NSM-8004Gen6 firewalls stays on config mode.
NSM-8005NSM constantly pushes syslog configuration for Gen6 firewalls.
NSM-8063Error while forwarding ZT request for Gen 6 Device in NGA.
NSM-8119Downloading TSR throws error "Did not find the filename while attempting download".
NSM-8318Provide Sorting option on Group firmware upgrade screen.

Resolved Issues - Analytics

Issue IDDescription
AAR-1131Firewall has data in NSM, but shows no web activity in the past 6 hours.
AAR-1132Unable to see reports if selected range is more than 7 days.
AAR-1148Unable to see list of blocked web sites.

Known Issues - SAAS NSM

Issue IDIssue Description
NSM-886In Templates screen for Policy>Routing Rules, editing routing Rules through template is failing with an error 'The ID of the route policy: Policy name duplicate'.
NSM-1061Editing existing route policy is creating duplicate routes.
NSM-3882NSM sends scheduled report emails to Tenant's user ID where the firewall is not present in the tenant.
NSM-3974In IPSec VPN > Settings > VPN Tunnel Statistics does not show any data.
NSM-5085Template to edit default WAN > WAN rules for management fails to deploy for GEN6.
NSM-5751Cannot see SSH management rule in NSM after enabling it on interface.
NSM-6089While adding 2-3 "MD5-exclusions", only 1 entry gets added in Capture ATP.
NSM-7104Not able to see CATP information on NSM with NSM Essential License.
NSM-7203CATP Location info is not in sync with NSM.
NSM-7655LDAP import of user shows only first letter of user name and last of domain name.
NSM-7760Uploading Firmware in Inventory is throwing success message but not upgrading the device.
NSM-7805Policy > Rules and Policies > NAT Rules screen, editing NAT policy fails with "Command 'no reflexive' does not match" error.
NSM-8064Incorrect HA status on NSM.
NSM-8187Adding Virtual interface for SD-WAN Architect fails commit for GEN7.

Known Issues - On Prem NSM

Issue IDIssue Description
NSM-6526When moving from “default tenant” to another tenant, the appliance stays red.
NSM-7035Users imported from LDAP/AD are not correctly displayed for Approval Groups; only User Role is displayed.
NSM-7148Error on CA Certificate Import.
NSM-7203CATP Location info is not in sync with NSM.
NSM-7604NSM incorrectly identifies Local Users with '@' in the name as a Domain user, due to which unable to edit users.
NSM-7805Policy > Rules and Policies > NAT Rules screen, editing NAT policy fails with "Command 'no reflexive' does not match" error.
NSM-7898Closed Network: Gen7 acquisition fails with few errors.
NSM-8074In Object > Zones screen, it gives an error while deleting Zone.
NSM-8187Adding Virtual interface for SD-WAN Architect fails commit for GEN7.

Known Issues - Analytics

Issue IDIssue Description
AAR-1049Network usage alerts are not getting reported.
AAR-1086NSM Capture Threat Assessment report doesn't show Capture ATP data.

Resolved Tickets Opened by Customers

NSM-6501, NSM-7208, NSM-7227, NSM-7260, NSM-7369, NSM-7392, NSM-7412, NSM-7702, NSM-7718, NSM-7799, NSM-7849, NSM-8063, NSM-8106, NSM-8198, NSM-8318, NSM-8645.

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