Network Security Management Administration Guide

Basic Information

  1. This screen allows you to choose various options like Topology Type, IP version, and Policy Type.
    • Topology Name : Enter a name to identify the Topology.
    • Description : This field is a mandatory field to move to the next screen. You can enter a short description to identify the topology.
    • Topology Type : Choose a type from the options :
      • Hub and Spoke - The network design where the central device is located.
      • Full Mesh - It provides a connection from each node to every other node on the network.
      • Partial Mesh - In partial-mesh topology, some of the devices are connected to many devices together, but other devices are connected only to one or two devices.
      • Point to Point - This connects two nodes directly together with a common link.
    • IP Version : The version of IP that can be used.
      • IPV4 - 32-Bit IP address which is numeric.
      • IPV6 - 128-Bit IP address which is alpha-numeric.
    • Policy Type : Type of the policy
      • Site to Site - Choose this option if there is a connection between two or more networks
      • Tunnel Interface - Choose this option to create connection between peers and Virtual Tunnel Interfaces.

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