Network Security Management Administration Guide

Creating Templates

You can build templates that you can use repeatedly to apply configurations to the firewalls in your environment.

To create a template

  1. Navigate to Template View > Templates.
  2. Click Add Template.

  3. Enter the Template Name.
  4. From the type, choose SonicOSor SonicOSX. The templates can be applied to specific devices that are running the OS.
  5. To enable automated deployment of the template configuration to Zero-Touch devices when the template is applied to target group(s) or device(s), enable or disable Zero Touch option.

    Offline devices will be updated once they come online.

  6. Enter a valid Description. This is optional.
  7. Click Create.
  8. Confirm that you want to switch to Template View if you want to define your template now; otherwise click Cancel to see that your template is added to the inventory.

To define your template, see Editing Templates.

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