Network Security Management Administration Guide

Applying Templates

You need to apply a template to deploy and manage common configurations across devices. When you apply a template to device group(s), you can deploy and manage configuration across all the devices of the group (s). You also have an option to apply a template to selected devices within any group.

NSM supports application of multiple templates to device group(s) or device(s): To overwrite the configuration of the devices associated with any template, you can apply another template.

To apply a template

  1. Navigate to Manager View > Templates.
  2. Hover over a template that you want to apply, click on the Action column and select Apply Template.

  3. Select the device group(s) or devices within any group (s) to apply the template.

    A template cannot be applied to device(s) that don't belong to any group. Hence, aren't displayed in the dialog.

  4. Click Save.

If Zero Touch option is enabled for a template, the configuration of the template is auto-deployed to applied Zero-Touch devices; Offline devices will be updated once they come online. For non Zero Touch devices, the configuration updates available at each device needs to be committed and deployed to push the updates to the devices. For information on committing and deploying updates, see Committing and Deploying the Updates.

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