Network Security Management Administration Guide

SonicWall Switch Configuration in Template

The Switch command shows the details of available switches in the SWITCH CONFIGURATION table. To add a switch, click the Add switch. To edit the port, click Edit icon on any field.

You can now choose the values from the Template variables by creating a new variable object or by selecting a variable object from the existing list.

Before Adding a Switch

  • Be sure to first register your Switch on MySonicWall.
  • Consider the firewall/switch topology to be implemented. Refer to or the Switch Getting Started Guide available at
  • When adding a Switch manually, first check that it is configured to factory defaults. This can be ensured by depressing the reset Switch for 10 seconds or from the Switch Local UI, or the Command Line Interface.
  • When adding a management link to a Switch manually, ensure that the DHCP lease range supports default management IP address.
  • The firewall interface linking to the Switch interface must have the Enable Auto-Discovery of SonicWall Switches option enabled. Edit the firewall interface and enable this option on the Advanced screen of the Edit Interface dialog.
  • The firewall interface linking to the Switch interface cannot be a Port Shield host and no other firewall interface can be port shielded to it. The firewall interface linking to the Switch cannot be a Port Shield group member, that is, it cannot be port shielded to another firewall interface.

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