Network Security Management Administration Guide

Configuring Log Settings

You can configure on the Manager View | Logs & Alerts > Settings page to configure the items that needs to be tracked in the page. You can filter the entries to limit the data display to only those events of interest.

Debug log settings can be performed only by Super Admins or Tech Support representatives.

The Log Level shows the severity or priority of an event. The Alert Level drop-down shows options that indicate whether an alert message will be sent for this event.

Changing the Event Priority may have serious consequences as the Event Priority for all events will be changed. Setting the Event Priority to a level that is lower than the Log Level will cause those events to be filtered out.

To perform logs and alerts settings

  1. Navigate to Manager View | Logs & Alerts > Settings page.
  2. Select an option in Log Level drop-down and set the corresponding Alert Level as required.

    You can set appropriate alert levels for other log levels available.

  3. Click Save.

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