Network Security Management Administration Guide

Managing the Schedules

The table on Manager View | Scheduled Reports > Rule page displays the shows the scheduled reports that are created. The details of each scheduled report are shown in a tabular format.

Schedules Table
Term Description
SCHEDULE NAME Name of the scheduled report.
SCHEDULE TYPE Execution frequency of the scheduled report.
REPORT TYPE Report type—Flow or CTA or Management
DELIVERY TYPE Medium for delivering the PDF report.
LAST RUN TIME Timestamp when the scheduled report was executed the last time.
NEXT SCHEDULE TIME Timestamp when the scheduled report will be executed the next time.
LAST RUN STATUS Status of the report that was executed the last time.
ACTION Displays options to edit or delete the schedule.

In addition to the above data, more information about a rule is displayed when you click the caret icon next to the schedule name.

  • Schedule ID: ID assigned to the scheduled report by NSM
  • Owner: User that created the scheduled report
  • Report Type: Report type—Flow or CTA or Management
  • SCHEDULE UNIT STATUS DETAILS: Status of the report execution for each device

Several icons at the top right corner of the table help you manage your schedules. Refer to the image and table below to learn more about them.

Success Number of reports that were successfully executed the last time.
Fail Number of reports that failed execution the last time.
In Progress Number of reports that are currently running.
Add To set up a new scheduled report.
Delete To delete the selected scheduled report.
Refresh Refresh the page.
Run Now To generate the selected report(s) instantly.
Run for date range To generate the selected report(s) to obtain data over a custom period.
Column Selection Choose which options to be displayed in the table

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