Network Security Management Administration Guide

Basic Information

  1. Config Name - Enter a Configuration Name in the text box. If this field is left blank, the system automatically assigns a name to this template.
  2. Traffic Type - Choose Traffic type as Internet or Branch Data Center.
    Internet - This option can be used for all internet-based applications such as ring central, office 365 etc.
    Branch Data Center - This option can be used for applications that are running on the data center. A VPN Topology needs to be created as a prerequisite for this option, so that VPN tunnels are available for Path selection. To add a new topology, refer IPsec VPN Topology.
  3. Description - Enter a description to identify the configuration.
  4. Tags - Enter a tag to identify.
  5. Device Type - Choose the device type from SonicOS or SonicOSX.
    You cannot change the device type once it is saved.

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