Network Security Management Administration Guide

New Signing Request

This allows you to generate a certificate request towards getting your own SSL/TLS certificate.

Navigate to Manager View > Global Objects > Certificates and select New Signing Request. A screen is displayed which requires you to fill the details.

  • Certificate Alias - Specify a name for the certificate in the Certificate Alias field.
  • Country (default), State, Locality or County, Company or Organization - From the drop down list, choose the Country name.
  • Country, State (default); Locality, City, or County; Company or Organization; Department
  • Locality, City, or County (default); Company or Organization; Department; Group; Team
  • Company or Organization (default), Department, Group, Team
  • Department (default), Group, Team, Common Name, Serial Number, E-mail Address
  • Group (default), Team, Common Name, Serial Number, E-mail Address
  • Team (default), Common Name, Serial Number, E-mail Address
  • Common Name (default), Serial Number, E-mail Address
  • Subject Distinguished Name - As you enter the Subject Name attribute(s), the Subject Distinguished Name field is populated.
  • Subject Alternative Name (Optional) - The entries are optional and can be selected by clicking the drop down list.
    • Domain Name, Domain Name (default), E-mail Address, IPv4 Address.
    • Signature Algorithm - Choose the algorithm from MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA284, SHA512
    • Subject Key Type - The default value is RSA.
    • Subject Key Size / Curve - Choose the subject key size from 1024 bits (default), 1536 bits, 2048 bits, 4096 bits

Click Generate to view the generated certificate request in the Certificates screen. To exit the screen, click Back.

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