Network Security Management Administration Guide

Device Groups

NSM enables you to create device group(s), deploy and manage common configurations across all the devices of a device group using templates. You can create device groups based on your requirement, for example: geographical location, business function and so on. To create a device group, see Creating Device Groups

The Manager View | Firewalls > Groups page displays the device groups that are created under the Root Group. To review the configuration of a device group in the Group View, click on the group name. The devices that are not part of any device groups are listed under Unassigned Firewalls.

Multi-tenant administrators can click on the Tenant name and select any other tenant to display and manage the groups created under that tenant. You can also select All Tenants option to display and manage device groups of all the tenants in a single pane of glass.

In the table you can see the all the device groups listed. Click the caret icon next to the group name to see devices that are part of the device group.

Device Groups
GroupName of the device group.
Tenant NameTenant under which the device group is created.
SERIAL NUMBERSerial numbers of devices that are part of a device group.
TAGSTags, if entered when creating the device group.
ZERO TOUCHActivation status of the zero-touch feature or status of zero-touch connection between firewall and NSM for zero-touch enabled device.
LinkStatus of a firewall that is part of the group.
  • Up—Firewall is healthy.
  • Down— Status check of the firewall failed because firewall could be down or the connection between firewall and NSM failed.

Status of device acquisition and management by NSM.

  • Green icon—Device acquisition was successful; firewall is being managed through NSM.
  • Red icon—Device acquisition failed; firewall can't be managed through NSM.
ActionActions that can be performed on a device group

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