Network Security Management Administration Guide

Auditing Configuration Changes

When managing multiple firewalls in an environment with multiple users, you want to be able to audit changes made by all the users to firewall address objects and groups. Network Security Manager shows who made changes that affect the rules and overall security of your devices.

This data is shown in the Audit table at MANAGER VIEW> Config Management > Audit. You can adjust the period of the audit by adjusting the slider at the top of the page to the predefined values. The table lists all the commits performed by the users on any device selected from the Devices drop-down list.

To view the configuration of the device after any particular commit / deploy operation, click caret icon next to the DATE & TIME field of the commit.

To view differences between configurations

  1. Navigate to Template View > Config Management > Audit.
  2. Select two commits to compare.

  3. Click on Config Diff. A color-coded display shows where the differences appear. Green text represents configuration data that was added. Red text represents data that was deleted, and blue is the value of the parameter.
  4. To see a side-by-side comparison of the complete difference in configurations, click on Full Diff.

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