About Network Security Management

Case 1: Troubleshooting Performance Issues

NSM reporting options help you troubleshoot the issues and manage the performance with a quick glance. It aggregates a broader view of crucial information, which it presents in the Dashboard, Notification Center, and various summary reports. The Notification Center alerts you to the critical issues that need your immediate attention and you can deep dive into the detailed reports Live MONITOR option.

For example, a particular firewall has a performance issue, you can view the threat in the Dashboard. You can drill down to the issue further using Live Monitor, analyze the issue, and take immediate action. For instance, if you identify certain applications that hog the bandwidth of a network, you can go to Manage View, access the template, and make changes to the configuration to protect yourself. You might block the applications that are using larger bandwidth or even isolating the firewall, and thus remediate the issue.

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