About Network Security Management

UI Conventions

When acquiring devices for management and reporting, the Status option uses colored icons to indicate the various states of the devices being monitored and managed.

Status IconDefinition
Indicates that a process is in progress. In some instances, specific details are provided. For example, Requesting Licenses.

Indicates that a process has completed successfully. May provide the message Success or something with more detail like Device parameters set up in Cloud Capture Security Center complete.

Also indicates that a configuration is in sync and acquired.

Indicates that a task is in process or pending the completion of another task. The message Pending is usually displayed, as well.
Indicates a potential issue or a warning. Messages provide additional detail to help you resolve the issue.

Indicates an error. Additional information may be provided via an information icon. Click the icon or mouse over it to see the message:

For example, Gateway Firewall is not available in CSC.

Indicates an alert.
Indicates the device is online.
Indicates the device is offline.
Indicates unmanaged devices.
Indicates managed devices.
Indicates that Zero Touch Connection is disabled for a device.

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