About Network Security Management

Finding Information

You can get help from anywhere in the user interface. Simply click the Help icon in the upper right-hand corner, and a new window opens. A filtered URL is sent to the Technical Documentation portal so that only NSM documents are shown. However, if you need to explore other topics, the entire technical documentation library is available to you. Set or clear filters as needed to refine your search for information.

Because NSM integrates SonicOS into its device management structure, the SonicOS documentation is a key part of the information available to you. NSM documents address infrastructure management:

  • Views and data associated with your whole environment
  • Views and data associated with groups of devices
  • Tools, like templates and configuration management, that can be leveraged across multiple devices or groups
  • Summaries provided for monitoring

The tools and commands to manage individual devices are SonicOS tools and commands; the interface is the same too. As such, you are referred to SonicOS documentation for device management details. When filtering for SonicOS documentation, be sure to select version 7.

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