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NSM MONITOR menu assists you keep your cyber data safe and secure by navigating to the detailed insights provided in the reports, achieving a higher-level view of data, and generating custom threat intelligence reports. As the sophistication of cyber attacks also grows, the MONITOR menu helps you to safeguard your information, by performing the most vigorous and robust cyber security assessments.

You can take a deep dive into the comprehensive details of applications, users, viruses, intrusions, spyware, web categories, IP addresses and locations. MONITOR option thus helps you to detect all the vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure and remediate improved secure policies when needed.

NSM allows you to monitor data available from different views such as Firewall View and Manage View, where you can view the Live Monitor and Live Reports. You can also access and monitor data from different places in the application. For instance, when you are in Manage mode, you can click MONITOR menu to check the Connection status within the selected time frame. You can view the connection details, the transferred data, blocked viruses, intrusions, spyware, botnet and GEO-IP information. Another example is when you are in Firewall mode, you can view the list of devices in inventory. Click the name of a device and you can monitor the detailed information of Device, Summary, Network and Threat about that particular device as well.

MONITOR option provides the options to filter the Applications, App Categories and App Risk. You can adjust the slider at the top to select the time frame, or select the specific dates required from the custom option, and view the narrative results in Grid view, or Chart and Grid view. You can search for the tenants and view up to 8000 reports at a time. You can also generate flow report in PDF, download capture threat assessments into a CTA file, or export grid data as a CSV file.

For more information about the MONITOR view, refer to Network Security Manager Reporting and Analytics Administration Guide.

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