Managing SonicWall Switch with CSC-MA


CSC-MA groups similar functions and features together for easier use. These groups are shown in different views and are represented by the icons above the main window. From left to right, the views are:

  • Home: The default view when you login with most implementations. Navigate here to view general data such as status, Dashboard, and summary reports.
  • Manage: Most of the management features are accessed from this view.
  • Reports: Various reports, including live reports, when available, are shown and scheduled in this view.
  • Analytics: Available if you have an active Analytics license. Navigate here to see details and perform a deep dive on the information.
  • Notifications: Shows the status of your network system, allows you to set rules and configure settings, and shows the history of the rules.
  • Application Configuration Panel: Provides access to the Console where you can view logs, manage your appliance, and perform other tasks.

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