Managing SonicWall Switch with CSC-MA

Physical View

When you first install a switch you want to go to the Physical View to authorize the connection. Afterward, you can see the VLAN representation of the switch you have connected to your firewall. Navigate to MANAGE > Switch Controller > Physical View.


Once you've physically connected the switch to the uplink, you need to authorize the switch.

To authorize the switch

  1. Navigate to MANAGE | SETUP > SWITCH Controller > Physical View.

  2. Click Authorize.

The Authorization process steps through a series of automated tasks. The following images shows the different screens that are displayed:

  • Firmware switch reset

  • Firmware update

    The firmware is automatically upgraded only when needed.

  • Resetting the switch to factory default

Port Configuration

Once the switch authorization is complete, you can configure the ports one by one. The Port Configuration option has a series of sections to complete. Be sure to scroll down to see all the options. Click OK when done to save the options.

Physical View Commands

On the Switch Controller option, you can opt to see the physical representation of the switch you connected to your firewall. In addition, port information is displayed to the top and to the right of the switch.

The legends across the top and to the right describe the state of the switch connections. You can also mouse over the interfaces to see a pop-up that shows the interface status, speed and mode.

By selecting the Options icon at the right of the switch, you can choose to Edit Switch, Reboot Switch, and Delete Switch.

To add another switch, click the Add Switch button and provide the information requested. Be sure to scroll down to see all the options. Select Advanced to complete those options too.

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