Capture Security Appliance Getting Started Guide

Register and License

Registration and licensing is a critical step in the initial setup of your Capture Security Appliance. Without it, the CSa will not perform file analysis, nor can you update its firmware.

If you do not yet have a MySonicWall account, you can easily create one as described in Creating a MySonicWall Account.

To register and license your CSa

  1. Log into your MySonicWall account at
  2. On the My Workspace > Dashboard page, select the Tenant for your CSa.

    MySonicWall Dashboard page

  3. Click the Register products button.

    Register products button

  4. On the Register Products page, enter the serial number, authentication code and friendly name of your CSa into the indicated fields and then click Register.

    Register Products page

    MySonicWall indicates successful registration.

    The Intelligence Updates license is activated.

  5. Optionally activate a REST API license for your Capture Security Appliance.

    You need a separate license to use an API Connector with the CSa, the REST API ACTIVATION FOR SONICWALL CAPTURE APPLIANCE license. License SKUs are available starting at 1 year and up to 6 years in one-year increments.

    Licenses page in MySonicWall

  6. Log into your CSa and navigate to the System > Registration/Licensing page.
  7. On the Registration/Licensing screen, click the Synchronize with License Server button.

    Synchronize with License Server

    The CSa pulls licensing information from the SonicWall License Server and is then fully registered and licensed.

The next step is to upgrade firmware on your Capture Security Appliance. For instructions, continue to the Upgrade the Firmware section.

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