Capture Security Appliance Getting Started Guide

High-Level Task List

The following are the steps for a successful deployment of your Capture Security Appliance:

  1. Physically connect the CSa to your network device and management computer
  2. Log into the CSa
  3. Change the admin account password (highly recommended)
  4. Set up networking (critical, will not operate otherwise)

    After this step, you can manage your CSa from either the X0 or the WAN interface. Using X0 allows management traffic to be on a separate subnet, while using the WAN interface allows you to manage the CSa from a remote location via the internet.

  5. Register and license your CSa (critical, will not operate otherwise)
  6. Update firmware on your CSa (highly recommended)
  7. Add allowed devices and other sources that can send files for analysis to the CSa (critical, will not operate otherwise)

These tasks are described in this Getting Started Guide.

For information about additional configuration of your Capture Security Appliance and configuring your firewalls, Email Security system or API Connectors to use your CSa, refer to the Related Documents for Additional Configuration section.

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