Capture Security Appliance Getting Started Guide

Initial Setup Using Web Management

This section describes how to configure network settings on your Capture Security Appliance, including time zone and mail server settings.

If you haven't already changed the password for the administrator account, SonicWall strongly recommends that you do that right away. (Refer to Change the Administrator Password for instructions.)

To perform initial CSa setup using the web management interface

  1. Point your browser to, the default LAN (X0) IP address.
  2. Log into the CSa using the admin account credentials (default: admin/password).
  3. Navigate to the Configuration > Network page.

    Configuration Network page

  4. Configure the following settings on theNetwork screen:
    • In the MANAGEMENT (X0) section, optionally change the IP address of the X0 interface. Set the IPv4 field to an address on your local management subnet. The default is Change the Netmask field as needed for your subnet. The default is

      Management X0

    • In the WAN section, configure the following settings:
      • IPv4 – This is the IP address of the WAN interface. Select DHCP addressing if your DHCP server will provide an address, or enter a static IP address on your network. Any interface except X0 can be selected as the WAN/Management interface, including the 10GbE X6/7 ports.

        WAN settings

      • Netmask – Enter the netmask for your network in a format such as or
      • Default Gateway – Enter the IP address of your gateway device, such as your perimeter firewall.
      • DNS 1 – Enter the IP address of your primary DNS server.
      • DNS 2 (Optional) – Optionally enter the IP address of a secondary DNS server.
    • In the INTERNAL NETWORK section, optionally select a different subnet. The Internal Network is used for internal communications among the components of the Capture Security Appliance. The default is –

      Internal network setting

      If the default subnet overlaps with the CSa WAN or LAN (X0) subnets, you must select a different subnet for the Internal Network from the Group list.

      Internal network address range choices

  5. On the Time screen, select your timezone and optionally enter IP addresses for NTP Server 1, 2 and 3.

    Timezone setting

  6. On the Mail Server screen, optionally add your mail server settings. SonicWall recommends configuring a mail server.

    Mail server settings

  7. Click Save to save your changes.
  8. Test connectivity from your management computer by pinging the appliance WAN IP that you just saved, and by accessing it via HTTPS in your browser.

The Management (X0) interface is only used for managing the Capture Security Appliance, while the WAN interface is for data transfer. Therefore, all firewalls, Email Security systems and API Connectors should connect to the CSa WAN interface.

You can manage the CSa on either the X0 or WAN interface.

You are now ready to register your Capture Security Appliance. Proceed to the Register and License section.

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