Capture Security Appliance Getting Started Guide

Hardware Overview

This section describes the hardware components of the CSa 1000 appliance.

Front Panel Illustration

CSa 1000 Front Panel

Front Panel Component Descriptions
ALCD controls
BDisplay port - Disabled

Console port for serial connection
Settings are: Speed=115200, Data bits=8, Stop bits=1, Parity=None, Flow control=None

DUSB ports
EReset button
FPower button

X0/X1 - 1 Gigabit interfaces
X0 is a Dedicated Management interface
X1 can be configured as a WAN interface and used for WAN management


X2/X3 - 1 Gigabit interfaces
Can be configured as a WAN interface / WAN management


X4/X5 - 1 Gigabit interfaces
Can be configured as a WAN interface / WAN management

JX6/X7 - 10G interface
Can be configured as a WAN interface / WAN management
SFP+ ports - Disabled
KDiagnostics port - For future use

LED indicators – Top to bottom:

  • Hard disk drive activity
  • Alarm condition:

    • Solid Color 1 (Amber)- FIPS errors

    • Blinking Color 2 (Red)- Approaching non operational state or in non operational state

      • Slow Blink:

        DISK > 75%

        Licenses will expire in 60 days

      • Medium Blink:

        Disk > 85%

        Licenses will expire in 30 days

      • Fast Blink:

        Disk >95%

        Licenses will expire in 15 days

      • Solid Color - Non operational or degraded operation - Requires immediate attention

        Disk full, overwriting old files

        Licenses expired (Most Important)

  • Test:

    Off - All fine

    Blinking - Non-operational state

    On - In a mode where the user can interact

  • Power 1 & 2:

    Blue = Operating correctly

    Yellow = Unconnected power supply or failure

Back Panel Illustration

CSa 1000 back panel

Back Panel Component Descriptions
AHard drives (2 x 960GB storage modules, RAID)
BPrimary power supply
CFans (3)
DRedundant power supply

In addition to the two RAID disks that contain the appliance data, the CSa1000 also has internal storage used for the operating system and maintenance which is not accessible or serviceable by users.

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