Capture Security Appliance Getting Started Guide

Connect and Power On

This section describes the initial physical setup of your Capture Security Appliance .

To connect and power on your Capture Security Appliance

  1. Install the appliance into a rack with your other networking equipment. The Capture Security Appliance is designed to be mounted in a standard 19-inch rack mount cabinet. Follow the instructions provided in the rack mounting kit shipped with the appliance.
  2. Using a standard Ethernet cable, connect the CSa WAN (typically X1) interface to a switch that provides access to the internet.

    This is how the CSa will access licensing services, update servers and access reputation checks. The WAN interface is also used for data transfer from your firewalls, Email Security system and API Connectors. After completing the initial setup, you can use this interface to manage the device.

  3. Using the provided Ethernet cable, connect X0 to your management computer. You can use this interface for initial setup and device management by using your browser to access the web management interface.

    To access the CSa at its default IP address of, your computer must be configured with an address on the 192.168.168.x/24 subnet, such as

  4. Optionally connect the RJ45 connector of the provided serial console cable to the Console port on the CSa. Connect the DB-9 connector to a serial port on your network device.

    This step is optional because CSa management is not supported from the command line interface (CLI) via the console. The console is only used if the CSa cannot boot up normally or must be put into maintenance mode (SafeMode) for system recovery.

  5. Using the provided power cords, connect both the primary and redundant power supplies to an appropriate AC power source (120V). The Power LEDs turn blue and the Test LED blinks until the CSa comes up.

    To disconnect AC power, both power cords must be removed.

You are now ready to log into your Capture Security Appliance, change the admin password and perform the initial setup. Continue to:

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