Capture Security Appliance Getting Started Guide

Creating a MySonicWall Account

You need to have a valid MySonicWall account to use Capture Security Appliance. A MySonicWall account is critical to receiving the full benefits from SonicWall security services, firmware updates, and technical support. MySonicWall is used to license your site and to activate or purchase licenses for other security services specific to your security solution.

To create a new MySonicWall account

  1. Navigate to
  2. In the login screen, click Sign Up.
  3. Enter the email address you want associated with your MySonicWall account.
  4. Create a password that meets the security requirements.
  5. From the drop-down menu select how you want to use two-factor authentication.
  6. Finish CAPTCHA and click on Continue to go the Company page.
  7. Fill your company information and click Continue.
  8. On the YOUR INFO page, complete the details and select your preferences.
  9. Click Continue to go to the EXTRAS page.
  10. Select whether you want to add additional contacts to be notified for contract renewals.
  11. To set up additional contacts:
    1. Input the First name.
    2. Input the Last name.
    3. Add the Email address for that person
    4. Click Add Contact.
  12. Select whether you want to add tax information.
  13. If providing tax information:
    1. In the Reseller for field, select the state from the drop-down menu.
    2. Add your Federal Tax ID.
    3. Add the Expiry (expiration) Date.
    4. Enter the Certificate ID.
    5. Click on ADD TAX ENTRY.
  14. Select whether you want to add your distributor information.
  15. To set up the distributor information:
    1. Input the Distributor Name.
    2. Input the Customer Number.
    3. Click Add Distributor.
  16. Click Finish.
  17. Check your email for a verification code and enter it in the Verification Code* field. If you did not receive a code, contact Customer Support by clicking on the support link.

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