Capture Security Appliance Administration Guide

Source/Remote Share Configuration

Navigate to Directory Scan>Configure Sources and click on Add Source.

Now enter the fields in ADD NEW SOURCE window with a Name of your choice, Type (select from AzureFS, AWSS3 or SMBv3), and Share parameters and authentication credentials associated with the share type, as described in the following section e.g:

Parameters required for each Share Type

  • Azure File Share

    • Authentication Credentials

      • Account Name (Name of the Storage Account)

      • Account Key (Secret Access key found on the Azure Portal under Storage Account Name-> Security+Networking -> Access Keys)

    • Share Parameters

      • Share Path (Name of the File Share under the Storage Account)

  • AWS S3

    • Authentication Credentials (found or can be created on the AWS management Console in the IAM section)

      • Access Key ID
      • Secret Access Key
    • Share Parameters

      • Bucket Name
      • Folder (/ indicates all or /folder name in bucket)
  • SMBv3

    • Authentication Credentials

      • Username

      • Password

    • Share Parameters

      • Server Name

      • Share Path

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