Capture Security Appliance Administration Guide

Job/Scan Configuration

Navigate to Directory Scan>Scan Jobs and click on Add Job. Now enter a job name of choice, select share configured in previous section to scan, a schedule of choice (now, later, or on a recurring interval of daily, weekly or monthly) and optionally an include or exclude filter to select files to match by filename pattern e.g *.doc, *.exe, etc.)

Now you can view the created job status, run time and job Schedule in the Configured Jobs section.

When a job is ready to run and it’s active, you will be able to view to the job under the Active Jobs section. Here, you will also find the ability to pause, cancel or resume the job to control its progress, as indicated by radio buttons.

When a job is completed, you can view its summary in the Completed Scan Jobs section, as depicted below. Click on the View results magnifier icon.

For more details on the scan results and deep reports of the verdicts for the files scanned see Deep Report for Malicious File.

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