Capture Security Appliance Administration Guide

Network Configuration

The Network Configuration screen consists of three sections:

  • Management (X0)
  • WAN (X1)
  • Internal Network

The CSa can be set up for access through one of two methods. All Internet communication and management is performed through a single interface (WAN), or Internet communication is done through the WAN, but management and configuration is performed through a separate management network.

You can change the WAN interface by clicking on the required interface image, which will be highlighted in green color.

Management (X0) allows assignment of a local management IP address.

Management (X0)

WAN (X1) address and default gateway.

WAN (X1)

Internal Network

The CSa uses internal subnets for communication among components. Occasionally, the internal network subnet might overlap with the network on which the CSa is deployed. In that case, you must select a different subnet that does not exist on your network. The Internal Network MUST NOT match or overlap with the IP addresses configured in the Management X0 and WAN X1 networks.

If you select a different address range in the Group field, a reboot of the CSa is required.

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