Capture Security Appliance Administration Guide

Active-Active Clustering

Active-Active clustering features high-available and scalability for users, applicable for CSA1000 and CSA2500. User can setup at most two CSa clusters. User can submit files to any of the cluster. The reporting data and configuration data will be sync between the two clustes via API. In each cluster, there is a primary node and several secondary nodes. All nodes share the same database and storages. The primary node can offload traffic to the secondary nodes.

To enable Active-Active clustering

  1. Navigate to Configuration>settings>High Availability.

  2. Now in the Remote Host section enter the IP address of the instance which you want to pair.

  3. And under Remote Key section enter the Self Key of the other instance which you want pair then click on Test and then Save tab, you will notice the Active-Active cluster is now enabled.

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