Capture Security Appliance Administration Guide


The CSa supports two types of APIs to programmatically access the appliance:

  • Service API for file submission and analysis
  • Management API for device configuration

The API pages contain the API reference, which can also be used to interact with the appliance to see requests and response codes. Additional code samples on using the Capture API can be found at

Sample Use Cases:

  • Service API: A webserver used to receive files can be programmed to submit all files to the CSa for analysis before making them available inside the organization. For example, an insurance company or a local government can add such protection before any files make it inside their network.

  • Service API: A security analyst with a large number of files gathered in the field can write a script to submit all the files to the CSa for analysis to get a verdict on which files are malicious and which are benign.

  • Management API: An MSSP on boarding device can automatically add devices to the CSa "Allowed Devices" list as soon as a customer or a device are added to their inventory system.

To get a list of APIs, use the > symbol to compress the display. Available APIs appear.


Service API

API Operation

Management API

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