Cloud App Security Administration Guide for Citrix Sharefile

Creating Custom Query Policies

To create a Custom Query policy

  1. Click on either:
    • Add a New Policy Rule button in the upper right area of the page.
    • plus sign (+) button next to the name of the cloud application.

    The New Policy Rule page displays.

  2. From the Choose SaaS list, select the cloud application for which to apply the new rule.
  3. From the Choose Security list, select Custom Query.
  4. Click Next. The Query Create page displays.
  5. Select from the Query Templates or My Queries list the query on which you want to base your new custom query.
  6. From Query menu, select Save As. The Save as query dialog displays.
    1. In the Query Name field, enter the name for your new custom query.
    2. In the Query description field, enter a description for your new custom query.
    3. From the Query severity list, select the severity to be assigned to your new custom query.
    4. In the Query tags field, enter any tags you want associated with your new custom query.
  7. Click Ok.

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