Cloud App Security Administration Guide for Citrix Sharefile

Managing Cloud App Security Licenses

The License Configuration page displays the number of SonicWall Cloud App Security licenses assigned and allows you to manage those licenses.

The License Configuration page will not be available if your Cloud App Security license has expired. You will need to apply an active license through MySonicWall in order to access this page.

If you have licenses assigned to only a specific Group within your organization, you can also use this page to manage which users within the Group are granted a license for Cloud App Security.

Licenses are assigned in alphabetical order.

  • If the number of users exceeds the number of available licenses, then only the number of users, in alphabetical order, up to the number of available licenses are automatically assigned a license. You can manually unassign licenses in order to free up licenses.
  • If the number of licenses exceeds the number of users, the remaining licenses will remain unassigned. You can manually assign these later when new users are added.

Refer to Unassigning Cloud App Security Licenses for information on unassigning licenses.

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