Cloud App Security Administration Guide for Citrix Sharefile

Viewing the Summary of Security Events

The Cloud App Security Dashboard provides a summary of the security events associated with your secured cloud applications during the specified time scale.

You can hover over elements of each security event to get more information:

  • For files with possible malware or data leaks, see the information about the file, its site of origin, and the action taken:

  • For documents containing possible malware, see information about the file and the rules that detected it:

  • For websites containing possible malware, see the information about the website and the action taken:

  • For a data leak, see the information found and its possible type:

Clicking on the security event item itself will display it on the Events page, with the selected security event highlighted. (See Managing Security Events for more information.)

You can also select which security events are displayed by selecting a value from the list in the top right of the Security Events list.

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