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Scotland community health index number

The Scotland Community Health Index Number (CHI number) is a 10-digit sequence used to uniquely identify a patient within National Health Service Scotland (NHS Scotland).

United Kingdom drivers license number

A driver's license number for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK).

United Kingdom national health service number

A National Health Service (NHS) number is the unique number allocated to a registered user of the three public health services in England, Wales, and the Isle of Man.

United Kingdom national insurance number

The National Insurance number (NINO) is a number used in the United Kingdom (UK) in the administration of the National Insurance or social security system. It identifies people, and is also used for some purposes in the UK tax system. The number is sometimes referred to as NI No or NINO.

United Kingdom passport number

A United Kingdom (UK) passport number.

United Kingdom taxpayer reference number

A United Kingdom (UK) Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number. This number, comprised of a string of 10 decimal digits, is an identifier used by the UK government to manage the taxation system. Unlike other identifiers, such as the passport number or social insurance number, the UTR is not listed on official identity cards.

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