Cloud App Security Administration Guide for Box

Activating Cloud Applications for Cloud App Security

After you have subscribed to the Cloud App Security service, you can add the cloud applications that you want to monitor and control.

Cloud App Security can secure Box with these subscription types:

  • Box Advanced
  • Box Enterprise

Personal and Home subscription plans are not supported by SonicWall Cloud App Security.

To activate Box for Cloud App Security

  1. Navigate to
  2. Login with your MySonicWall credentials to get to the Capture Security Center.
  3. Click the Cloud App Security tile.

    Cloud App Security activated in CSC

  4. The Welcome to SonicWall Cloud Access Security page displays.

    Welcome to SonicWall Cloud Access Security

  5. Click Let’s Get Started.

    The SaaS Selection page displays. This page lists all of the cloud applications which can be monitored using SonicWallCloud App Security.

    SaaS Selection

  6. Click Start on the Box tile.

For instructions for activating Box cloud applications, see: Activating Dropbox for Cloud App Security.

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