Cloud App Security Administration Guide for Box

Viewing Dropbox Analytics

The Analytics for Dropbox provides information about the quantity of files, folders, applications, and security events.

All FilesThe total number of files in your Dropbox.
Incoming FilesThe number of files received.
Outgoing FilesThe number of files shared with people outside the company
Internal UsersThe number of internal users who have access to your Dropbox
All FoldersThe total number of folders in your Dropbox
Incoming FoldersThe number of folders created by external users and shared with internal users.
Outgoing FoldersThe number of folders created internally and shared with external users.
External UsersThe number of external users who have access to your Dropbox
Security ScanThe number of files that have been flagged as malicious or potentially harmful. You can click the number to view a more detailed report.
Live Event LogDetailed list of events in real time.

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