Capture Client 3.6 Release Notes

Version 3.6.26

June 2021


If some software applications have interoperability issues with Capture Client and SentinelOne, you can work around those issues by creating an exclusion and pushing it to the clients. For more information, refer to Capture Client Inter-Operability With Third Party Applications.

Compatibility and Installation Notes

Refer to Capture Client - System Requirements for the latest information on hardware requirements, operating systems, and browser levels.

What's New

  • Maintenance fixes provided for issues identified in Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues

Issue IDIssue Description
UC-5136The filters on the Devices page does not work; it gives inconsistent On and Off Results. The entries on the dashboard then displays the wrong count due to these filters not working.
UC-5129When choosing to View details on the Devices page, a Device not found error is being displayed.
UC-5116A request failed with status code 504. The Dashboard page or Devices page either do not load or keeps buffering.
UC-5114Clients are being registered with new Device IDs in the Capture Client 3.6 Console which is causing duplicate entries in the database.
UC-5104The account Dashboard is throwing an HTTP 414 error code and not loading the Most Recent Detections.
UC-5100In Group Scope, we see errors Cannot read property 'url' of null in the blacklist/exclusion page.
UC-5042When performing View details from the Assets > Devices page in CMC, the request fails with a status code 500 error.

Known Issues

No known issues have been identified for the 3.6.26 release.

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