Capture Client 3.6 Release Notes

Version 3.6

May 2021


If some software applications have interoperability issues with Capture Client and SentinelOne, you can work around those issues by creating an exclusion and pushing it to the clients. For more information, refer to Capture Client Inter-Operability With Third Party Applications.

Compatibility and Installation Notes

Refer to Capture Client - System Requirements for the latest information on hardware requirements, operating systems, and browser levels.

What's New

  • Filtering can be performed based on pending actions for devices.

  • A new Device Alert option is available in the Notification Settings. Notification is provided if reboot is pending for a device for more than a defined number of days.

  • The Analyst Verdict option can be used to mark threats as True Positive, False Positive, Suspicious, and Undefined.

  • A new option in the Notification Settings allows you to send email in plain text format.

  • Capture Client supports macOS client with System Extensions (Big Sur or later) - for Intel chip set only.

Resolved Issues

Issue IDIssue Description
UC-4902Console-OneDrive KFM mapping fails when S1 is installed with default decoydocs option
UC-4894Clickjacking vulnerability for the URL
UC-4861OpenSSL 1.1.1 versions are vulnerable to the denial of service and the users should upgrade to OpenSSL 1.1.1k.
UC-4839OneDrive KFM mapping fails when S1 is installed with default decoydocs option
UC-4816Adding a device to a Static group does not remove it from other static groups.
UC-4750Threats page in Account Scope does not load threats and throws error.
UC-4736The requested URL returns error: "404 Not Found". S1 installer is missing.
UC-4732 A change in the date or time on the system triggers license expiry and uninstalling the client.
UC-4702Allow adding the domain in pattern "" for web content filtering.
UC-4677Threat Report does not contain a Custom Logo.
UC-4676Schedule Reports are getting stuck endlessly.
UC-4674Discrepancy in the count of Vulnerable Applications on Dashboard.
UC-4673Discrepancy in the count of Offline Devices on Dashboard.
UC-4667List View under Assest/Devices has pagination issues.
UC-4604Wild Cards Entry are not allowed for Allowed/Forbidden domains.
UC-4603In the Global Dashboard, the threats in the section Most Recent Detection are not sorted in the proper order.
UC-4602Resolved threats are getting displayed in the global dashboard under the section Most Recent Detection.
UC-4572Issues with trusted certificate policy (zero certificates found/No trusted certificates updated).
UC-4345The CC portal displays duplicate device entries for the client PC.
UC-4306Location Information is displayed blank in Assets->Devices page in Prod server 35.
UC-4303Device Status is displayed as Connecting after the fresh installation of CC 3.5.18 in Prod server 35.
UC-4289Duplicate device entries for multiple devices in CMC.
UC-4225The capture client goes into a connecting state, as shown in the below screenshot, when DPI SSL Enforcement is enabled in firewall.
UC-4165S1 upgrade fails from version to for windows 32 bit Operating System.
UC-4157Windows Cleaner Utility do not work for Windows 10 32 bit operating system.
UC-4133In CMC Devices page, the Network protection field shows "SonicWall firewall not detected" for devices behind the firewall.
UC-4084Tenant License Count and Expiry Date updates from MSW are frequently failing.
UC-4056Request fails intermittently with the status code 502 on multiple pages on CC Portal.
UC-3796The CATP report does not display verdict for suspicious files on CMC
UC-3791Initiate Scan is not working for the Linux devices.
UC-3737Some email notifications do not have the Device Name
UC-3695The newly created policies and the Default Threat Protection Policies displays error "Sentinel Policy not found".
UC-3521The Reports are getting stuck.
UC-3398 Native Application works only when both WFE && WCF are disabled, though the Exclusion for Native Application exists.
UC-3062Threat notification email does not include the device information.
UC-3042Major Alert Emails do not include the Machine Name.

Known Issues

Issue IDIssue Description
UC-5054 Endpoint requires a reboot to enable WCF on MacOS
UC-5050Device Control Rules do not block the Devices on MacOS.
UC-5044A wrong prompt is displayed after installing S1 in system preferences. on Fresh Catalina operating system.
UC-5003The FILE FETCH filter checkbox should not be available for version 3.6.
UC-4909The Search field in Assets > Devices page is not working as expected
UC-4815Safe search is making internal resources inaccessible through VPN
UC-3263CC and S1 upgrades are not working based on the schedules
UC-3142Network protection status of CC UI is not reflecting under CMC when the Endpoint is behind the firewall.

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